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Résiste® 165 E:
Revolutionizing Your Labeling Experience

Résiste® 165 E is a top-coated direct thermal label facestock that was specifically designed with our patent-pending phenol-free direct thermal chemistry to revolutionize package delivery and logistics direct thermal label production with enhanced end-user performance and value.

Scanning barcode on direct thermal label

Key Features of Résiste® 165 E:

  • Industry-Leading Thermal Chemistry: Appvion's patent-pending phenol-free direct thermal chemistry is an eco-conscious choice for businesses aiming to reduce their environmental footprint without compromising performance. The chemistry is also aquatic-friendly, preserving aquatic life from acute and chronic water toxicity. 
  • Unmatched Resistance: Résiste® 165 E offers improved resistance to heat, water, and alcohol, ensuring longevity and durability. Its unmatched resistance to fading guarantees that crucial information remains clear and legible throughout the entire lifecycle of the label.
  • Lower Energy Imaging: Résiste® 165 E allows for efficient label production, catering to the high-speed demands of package delivery and logistics operations. The product's efficiency translates to lower energy requirements for printing high-contrast images, contributing to increased savings and environmental sustainability.

Ideal for applications like package delivery labels and logistics labels, the new Résiste® 165 E direct thermal label can help you embrace the future of high-quality label solutions.

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